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Child custody does not have to be a battle during divorce

Dissolving a marriage can certainly be tricky for financial reasons. However, one of the hardest parts of going through divorce has nothing to do with money; rather, it has everything to do with the children. Here are a couple of tips for dealing with the potentially thorny child custody issues during a divorce proceeding in Florida.

First, it is paramount that both parents support their children during the divorce process. In other words, the parents may be wise to avoid making the children choose sides. After all, the breakup of their parents is tougher for the children to process than the parents may think it is.

As the parents work out the child custody arrangements, they can avoid conflicts in the interim by creating a schedule detailing who will spend time with the children at what specific times, and where. Otherwise, one of the parents could even think the other one has taken off with the children, in an extreme case. If a spouse has to ask authorities to track down the other parent, this will not look good for the other parent during visitation or custody hearings.

Child custody can be a complicated issue to address as, naturally, both parents may want to have custody of the children. The best-case scenario in this situation is for the parents to work together on a mutually satisfactory and beneficial parenting agreement. This would eliminate the need for a drawn-out child custody battle in a Florida courtroom, which can unfortunately take an emotional toll on the entire family. Of course, it is critical that any parenting agreement created is generated with the best interests of the child in mind.

Source: findlaw.com, "The Divorce Process: Do's and Don'ts", Accessed on May 2, 2018

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