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Divorce can have long-term impact on one's finances

The fact that the dissolution of a marriage can be emotionally and financially challenging in Florida and elsewhere is no secret. However, recent research quantified how the divorce process impacts a person's long-term finances. This, of course, has implications for his or her retirement readiness especially.  

Being detail oriented during divorce is critical

The dissolution of a marriage is never an easy process, no matter how amicable two divorcing spouses may be. Unfortunately, the challenges associated with divorce oftentimes do not stop, even after the divorce has been finalized. A common post-divorce mistake that couples make in Florida is that they become disengaged from relevant details of the breakup.

Tips may help with navigating financial aspect of divorce

During the dissolution of a marriage, one of a spouse's biggest areas of concern may understandably be money. After all, transitioning from one household to two households with the same pot of money can be challenging. Here are a couple of tips for navigating the financial aspect of divorce in Florida.

The name of the season

Every year across Florida eyes turn south, to the Gulf and the Atlantic to watch for the approaching storms. Hurricane season brings risks of all kinds, but driving during a storm is a hazard few people think about.

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