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The name of the season

Every year across Florida eyes turn south, to the Gulf and the Atlantic to watch for the approaching storms. Hurricane season brings risks of all kinds, but driving during a storm is a hazard few people think about.

During sub-tropical storm Alberto, when the visibility and road conditions were at their worst, three separate accidents occurred in the Panhandle. The storm continued on through to other states causing damage and taking lives. It serves as an early reminder of the real dangers of driving during named storms, such as:

Heavy winds

A hard wind on the side of your car absolutely will force you to adjust as you drive. The harder the wind and the more open the area, the bigger struggle it will be. However, hurricane force winds can also lead to other challenges.

Downed power lines

It is not hard to find fallen power lines all over the state after a storm has come through. They could be live or not, but there is no way to know. If you drive over them you can end up in a seriously dangerous situation.

Falling trees

It’s easy to manage a tree once it’s on the ground. It is a lot less so when it’s actively falling. It is nearly impossible to know which trees are going to fall during a storm, so avoid driving down heavily wooded streets if you can.

Decreased visibility

Wind, rain and debris, can combine to seriously hamper visibility when you are driving. It’s tough enough getting around when you see the difficulty, but if your windshield were to suddenly get washed out you could be in for a serious problem.

Other drivers

Even the best drivers in the world must deal with other drivers. If the conditions are bad, and you see someone struggle to keep control, it would be best to stay safe and fall back than risk their problems becoming yours.

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