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Divorce mistakes may make process more complicated

The process of ending a marriage can no doubt be confusing and frustrating. However, the choices made during the divorce process can have long-term implications for all parties involved, so it is critical that those going through divorce focus on seeing the big picture and on staying financially responsible and aware during each stage of the process. Here are a couple of mistakes that many couples make during divorce proceedings in Florida.

First, those going through divorce may be inclined to hold tight to as many assets as they can during the divorce. After all, this is a natural reaction stemming from the desire to stabilize one's surroundings amid all of the changes taking place. However, it makes good sense to view divorce not as a time of the dismantling of one's life but rather of rebuilding it. Asking oneself if a particular item is truly important is a good reality check. Sometimes, it may be best to let a particular item go, or trade it off as against something of greater importance and move on.

Second, a common mistake that many divorcing parents make is failing to keep their children informed about the breakup -- at an age-appropriate level. Parents going through divorce will want to talk with their children to ensure that they understand that the family's finances will most likely change. They may also want to ask their children what they care about the most -- even if the children are adults. Finally, parents can assure their children that things may change going forward but that it will all still be okay.

If the parties can see eye to eye regarding major divorce matters, such as property division or child custody, they may be able to go through divorce mediation or informal negotiations to resolve their issues, rather than going to trial. However, traditional divorce litigation may be inevitable for spouses who cannot find common ground regarding these issues. Either way, a Florida attorney can provide the guidance needed to successfully navigate this type of family law proceeding.

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