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Prenuptial agreement offers financial protection in divorce

When couples in Florida are ready to get married, they may look forward to many happy years together. The reality, though, is that marriages do not always last no matter how hard each partner may try to make things work. This is why creating and signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married is generally a good idea.

Those preparing to marry can safeguard their finances using legally binding, prearranged agreements between spouses. This type of agreement, called a prenuptial agreement or prenup, spells out how a couple's various assets will be divided in the event that they get divorced down the road. For instance, a spouse can designate that certain valuable paintings that he or she brings into the marriage will remain his or her own property if a divorce occurs.

Research shows that nearly half of marriages end in divorce nationwide. However, some young couples may not feel the need to put together a prenuptial agreement simply because they do not have significant amounts of money. Older individuals who are more established professionally and who possess meaningful assets are more likely to create and sign prenups. Still, these types of agreement are helpful for adults at all stages of life who are about to get married, as these contracts can address not only current assets but also future ones.

Two spouses who do not have a prenuptial agreement in place when they are ready to divorce still have the option of using informal negotiations or mediation to tackle the distribution of assets and other marital breakup issues. The benefit of these processes is that they tend to be less acrimonious than going to trial. However, going to trial is inevitable if two spouses cannot see eye to eye on how to deal with their divorce issues. Either way, an attorney in Florida can ensure that a divorcing spouse's rights and best interests are upheld during each stage of the divorce proceeding.

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