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The relationship between speeding tickets and traffic accidents

Traffic tickets are the bane of any driver’s existence because they slow down traffic and cost money. However, a recent trend shows a correlation between traffic law enforcement and highway safety. Does that mean that ticketing makes highways safer?

The evidence seems to say yes.. A recent review of state records found that there were 33,821 more crashes in counties across South Florida last year than there were in 2012. This rise in car crashes coincides with a drop in speeding tickets and moving violations in the same counties.

The luxury of traffic enforcement

In the above article, a police official commented that traffic enforcement is something of a “luxury” when it comes to allocating resources. That kind of thinking sounds almost like negligence and raises an even more important question: What if your accident could have been prevented by a heavier police presence?

On a basic level, if you can prove that reduced police presence caused your motor vehicle accident you can bring a lawsuit against the government. They are liable for injuries caused by their negligence just like any other defendant in a personal injury law claim.

However, a correlation between ticketing and accidents does not necessarily translate to a specific accident. A plaintiff, in this case, would need additional evidence that their accident was the result of negligent safety practices on the part of the government. That evidence would be difficult to obtain, to say the least.

Keeping vigilant is your best option

When it comes to safety on the road, the truest way to keep safe is to pay attention to other drivers and follow the rules. Remember, if you are in an accident, whether or not it is the fault of a decreased police presence, you do have options.

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