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What divorce does to your workplace

Everyone has a story about that one co-worker going through a nasty divorce. Mostly, you’re probably just happy that it’s not happening to you, but have you ever considered what that situation would look like if it were?

The answer is going to be different for everyone. There is some standard advice for handling work while going through divorce, but there is no such thing as a standard situation. Every divorce is different because every relationship is different.

Work-life balance gets a whole new meaning

Only you can really understand what you need to get through tough moments in your life. You have obligations and unique circumstances and those will naturally influence:

  • Talking about your divorce: Co-workers spend tons of time with each other, and tend to know a lot about each other’s personal lives. Talking about your struggles might be a natural part of processing this situation. Not talking about it would be fine too. Your friends at work want to help you however they can.
  • Taking time off: Court dates and filings have schedules that are beyond your control, but if you have paid time off saved, it is not really anyone’s business how it is used. Your time is your time and you should use it how you need it.
  • You ability to focus at work: Are you the type to focus on work to get through tough times or do you lose focus? Neither of those traits is wrong, but you need to accept your reality and build a plan that make sense going forward. Let people know when you’re overwhelmed, because trying to do too much can cause real problems for everyone at work.

There are so many issues you will need to resolve over this period of time that you cannot let other people’s ideas of how your divorce should affect your life put pressure on you.

It’s a whole different experience when you go through it yourself

Just be thankful you aren’t getting divorced from a co-worker.

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