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Divorce can make beginning of school year more complicated

Beginning a brand-new school year in Florida can be both exciting and nerve wracking for any child. However, it can be especially intimidating for a child whose parents are going through divorce. After all, transitioning from having one household to having two households can make entering a new school year even more complicated. However, if the child's divorcing parents can remain communicative with the child, this can make the process a lot less stressful.

Although grades and academics are certainly important, developing healthy relationships is another important aspect of going to school. In addition, helping children to learn how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, take part in extracurricular activities and sports, and even claim their first jobs is critical for helping them to become self-sufficient. For this reason, divorcing parents would be wise to discuss with their children what their objectives for this coming school year and then record the three top ones on which all parties agree.

If possible, both parents may want to have this discussion with the children together. This will boost the children's chances of pursuing goals that align with both parties' expectations, and it can help to minimize conflict and confusion. However, if the parents cannot get along, they can encourage their children to talk about their goals individually with both parents.

When it comes to navigating the divorcee process overall, the ideal situation is for both parents to find enough common ground to resolve their divorce-related issues, including child custody matters, outside of court. However, if they cannot see eye to eye on how to tackle such issues, they will have no choice but to go to trial to have a judge in Florida decide how to handle them. Either way, an attorney can help a divorcing spouse to pursue the most personally favorable outcome given the circumstances surrounding the marital breakup.

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