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Individuals can protect their mental health during divorce

Getting divorced can be just as tough mentally as it can be financially. This is the case whether two people have been married for five years or for 50 years. However, those going through the divorce process in Florida can take a couple of steps to protect their mental health along with their emotional well-being.

First off, those going through divorce would be wise to treat the other party in as fair a manner as possible, particularly when tackling the division of debts and property. During the divorce proceeding, a spouse can easily get stuck on trying to acquire more money or other property than the other spouse. The reality, though, is that none of this extra property will matter a decade from the finalizing of the divorce. What matters instead is that the individual stands up for himself or herself while working toward a just resolution.

It is also beneficial for those who have children to respect the fact that the parents' relationship with each other is not the same as the parents' relationships with the children. In other words, a person is not necessarily an unfit parent just because he or she cheated on his or her wife. Focusing on the children's best interests rather than on hurt feelings is critical when trying to work out child custody and visitation matters during a divorce proceeding.

Getting a divorce in Florida can understandably be a complicated process. However, going through mediation or informal negotiations may help to make this process less complex. Nonetheless, an attorney can help a person going through divorce -- whether outside of court or in court -- to pursue the most personally favorable outcome possible given the circumstances surrounding his or her marital dissolution.

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