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Rate of divorce taking a dive nationally

According to new research, young adults in Florida and other states are choosing to stick together in marriage. For this reason, marriages among members of the millennial generation are not ending as quickly as marriages did in the past. As a result, the divorce rate is on the decline nationally.

Researchers recently reported that one of the reasons that fewer young people are getting divorced today is that they are delaying marriage. Instead of jumping into holy matrimony, women are focusing on achieving their personal, career and financial goals first. This is opposite of what happened in the past, when women tended to get married at younger ages.

Also, young married people appear to be more serious than ever before about listening to and understanding one another. The greater emphasis being placed on communication translates to fewer conflicts, as more needs are being met. All in all, the divorce rate has experienced an 18 percent drop from 2008 to 2016 due to the abovementioned approaches to marriage among millennials.

Even though divorce appears to be less common today than it did even 10 years ago, it is still a reality for many married people who cannot resolve their martial conflicts. However, if two divorcing spouses can find common ground in the areas of asset distribution, alimony and child support, for instance, this can increase their chances of having as amicable of a divorce process as possible. An attorney in Florida can help a spouse who is getting divorced to make wise financial and child custody–related decisions that will benefit him or her long term.

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