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Divorce can be particularly challenging for young children

When people get married in Florida, they naturally expect to enjoy marital bliss for years to come. Of course, this is not always realistic depending on the challenges that a married couple may face. Unfortunately, not just the spouses but also the children may end up being impacted by an inevitable divorce. Still, parents can take a few steps to make the transition to divorce easier for their little ones.

A particularly wise move that parents can make during divorce is to help children to maintain routine and consistent lives. The more consistent their lives are, the more control they can feel during the marital breakup. As a result, they may feel better equipped to handle the life changes that divorce causes.

Parents can also make sure that their children know that the divorce is not the children's fault. After all, children oftentimes believe that they caused their parents' divorce by not acting as good as they feel they could have been. It may also behoove parents to constantly tell their children that they love them and that this will not change even after the divorce.

Yet another smart step that the parents of young children can take during divorce is to choose divorce mediation or informal negotiations to resolve their divorce matters, rather than traditional divorce litigation. Tackling their divorce issues -- such as child custody and property division -- outside of court can help the parents and the children to avoid the animosity and arguments that usually accompany divorce trial. An attorney can offer the guidance needed to navigate even the most complex divorce proceedings outside of court and even in court, if necessary, in Florida.

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