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Is your handler trying to steal your dog?

Buying a show dog was a big decision but you do not regret it. In order to set your dog up for success, you hired a handler to travel with your dog and present them in the best way possible.

Show dogs are a large investment and in many cases they become part of your family. However, if you hired a handler to show your dog, they may try to keep it without your consent. What can you do in this situation? How can you get your dog back?

What are your rights?

Even though you might think of your dog as part of your family, dogs are considered property in the eyes of the law. This is good news, however, if your handler is attempting to keep your dog longer than you agreed or even permanently. You can prove your ownership if you have the registration and license of your pet. Veterinary records can also provide adequate proof of property. If you registered your pet as a purebred, this can also prove ownership.

In some cases, these types of proof of ownership might be enough for you to get your dog back. However, in extreme circumstances, there may be more work involved in getting your dog from your handler.

Check your contract

If you have a contract with your handler, you may be able to use this to get your dog back. However, if your contract was verbal or poorly written, it may be hard to deal with. Using an experienced lawyer can help you negotiate or litigate in getting your dog back.

Even if your handler takes your dog to a different country, there are ways to get your dog back, but you will likely need an attorney with experience in international jurisdiction.

You paid handsomely for your dog and they are an integral part of your family. If your handler is trying to keep your dog from you, you will want to take action. These disputes can be complicated and you may need help, but they are not impossible to figure out.

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