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Mediation may help to reduce conflict during and after divorce

In some situations in Florida, two spouses may not be able to work out their differences. As a result, they have no option but to move forward with divorce. Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution that can help to reduce the level of conflict often associated with going to divorce trial.

The mediation process involves three people: the two spouses and the mediator, a neutral party. With the mediator's help, the two spouses can work toward an agreement that satisfies both sides. Alimony, property division, as well as individual and family goals are some of the issues to be resolved.

If the parties have young children, they will also need to address custodial arrangements. For instance, perhaps one parent can have physical custody of the children, whereas the two parties share legal custody of them -- meaning that they will both play a role in making significant decisions concerning the kids. With the mediator's help the parties can work toward an agreement on all important issues. Once that occurs, the verbal accord must be reduced to writing and signed by the parties, after which it is presented to the court for final approval.

Divorce can be a challenging process both emotionally and financially, but mediation can help to make it easier. After all, the mediation process is usually less costly and faster than traditional litigation. An attorney in Florida can help those going through divorce mediation to seek the most personally favorable outcomes possible given the personal circumstances. And for those situations where mediation  is simply not suitable, a lawyer can help a client prepare and present a case for a judge to decide.

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