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Older individuals face special challenges following divorce

Ending a marriage in Florida can certainly be difficult at any age. Still, people who are approaching their golden years may especially find divorce to be difficult due to having to tackle issues that do not necessarily plague younger couples. These issues include health insurance as well as long-term care.

Individuals who relied on their spouses' employment-related health insurance during their marriages can fortunately still use this insurance following their divorce proceedings thanks to COBRA. The downside of using COBRA, though, is that the premiums will skyrocket, as these individuals will be required to pay the parts of the premiums that their now ex-spouses' employers were previously paying. Of course, these individuals can simply search for new insurance options, but they might have trouble finding insurance that will cover them given their age and health conditions.

Long-term care may also be an area of concern because people who get divorced must now figure out how they will tackle medical events going forward. Rather than depending on their exes, they will have to pay caregivers to take care of them, or they must rely on loved ones to help them. If they happen to have joint insurance for long-term care with their exes, they may be able to keep these policies as is, or they might need to separate them.

Ideally, when two spouses -- whether old or young -- are going through divorce, they will be able to find common ground on their divorce issues and thus resolve them outside of court. After all, this can make the marital breakup process more amicable and less stressful. Of course, this is not always possible. Fortunately, an attorney can help a divorcing individual to pursue the most personally favorable outcome possible in either scenario in Florida.

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