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Did you suffer a slip-and-fall accident at a convention?

Conventions happen all over the country. Many groups consider Florida as a place to hold conventions for reasons obvious to those who live here. Accidents could happen at these conventions, and determining liability in a slip-and-fall accident could be as simple as looking to the host venue, among others.

Were you harmed by negligent security? We can help

Far too often, victims of violent crimes face criticism for being injured. Many are accused of bringing such violence upon themselves by being in an unlit or perceived unsafe area, and few stop to ask if property in which a person was attacked could have been made safer by the owner. Negligent security is a real and serious problem in Florida, and it puts an untold number of individuals at risk for attack.

Was the danger that caused your injuries 'open and obvious?'

Far too many people in Florida get hurt at grocery stores, malls and restaurants, among other public or private establishments, due to some danger on the premises. If those injuries result in the filing of a premises liability claim, the party or parties believed to be responsible for them through some form of negligence may claim that the danger was "open and obvious," which means that any reasonable person would have taken steps to avoid it. The question is whether that fact absolves the establishment's owners, managers or others from legal responsibility.

What can you expect when dealing with insurance companies?

After suffering injuries in an accident, you will more than likely turn your attention to filing claims seeking compensation for your injuries and property damages. Other than knowing to make a call to the insurance companies involved, you may be like other Florida residents who are not quite sure what the claims process actually entails. Knowing what to expect may take at least some of the frustration out of the process.

Did you suffer serious injuries due to negligent security?

Anytime you visit a public establishment here in Florida such as a retailer, gas station or grocery store, along with other public places (hotels or airports, for example), you have a right to expect to be safe. You may be thinking about slip and fall accidents right now. However, ensuring your safety includes providing certain security measures as well. Negligent security could lead to you becoming the victim of an assault, mugging or worse, and the injuries you suffer could be partly the responsibility of the property owner.

Is someone liable for the injuries you suffered in an attack?

Whether you live in the Miami-Dade County area or you are just visiting, you have the right to expect to be reasonably safe when you visit one of the area's many public places. Basic security measures such as lights and cameras help deter those who would take advantage of the darkness or the fact that no one is watching to cause you injuries. If a business owner or manager knew or should have reasonably known that the security measures were inadequate, a case for negligence could be made.

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