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Puppy Lemon Laws Apply To Show Dogs Too

Dogs are an expensive proposition these days. While there is the cost of shots and food, there is also the price of a dog from a particularly desirable bloodline. For these dogs, the cost can be in the thousands if there are champions in the animal's genealogy. The pet purchase protection or "Puppy Lemon Laws" were drafted in the 1970s in response of large puppy mills that bred dogs in unhealthy or cruel conditions and then sold them on a wholesale level to retailers. These dogs sometimes had serious health problems.

Show animal ownership disputes over false AKC registrations

A primary purpose of the American Kennel Club is to keep accurate records. When someone here in Florida or elsewhere applies to have their purebred animal registered, it is the job of the AKC to ensure that the animal in question is, in fact, purebred. When it turns out that is not true, the AKC does not get involved in the show animal ownership disputes that may follow.

What should I consider when hiring a handler?

The dream of achieving Best in Show can consume some dog owners, especially those who have a purebred, show-ready dog. And why not? The Best in Show title carries a lot of clout in the showing world. It can mean big prize winnings, a boost to your reputation, and it can bring credibility to a breeder or kennel. This can be incredibly tempting, especially if a dog has a number of quality years ahead of them.

Thinking of making breeding income from your horses?

Entering into any business venture requires research, but when it comes to working with live animals, you may need more than that. Breeding horses can be a complex process whether you do it here in Florida or elsewhere since you need to understand their behavior, the nuances of foaling and how new foals should develop. Without the proper knowledge and experience, making sufficient breeding income to make the effort worth it could be problematic.

Caveats when buying purebred dogs

Thinking about getting into show business? How about the dog show business? If you are, you may be in the market for purebred dogs to raise and show. If you have not dealt with Florida breeders before, you may need some advice on how to help ensure that the animals you purchase are what you expect. As with most other purchases, you get what you pay for, and in the breeding world, "buyer beware" still applies.

Reviewing show dog breeding contracts

Entering into any kind of agreement requires careful consideration and review. This includes show dog breeding contracts that individuals may enter into here in Florida. Those who are new to this arena may need extra guidance and support with these legally binding contracts whether they are breeders, trainers or owners.

5 things to consider when buying a 'show dog'

The process of choosing a breeder holds considerable challenges, especially if you don't know what to look out for. The first step, of course, is to find a reputable breeder; but how do you know your breeder is providing you with a quality pup? Furthermore, how do you know you're actually being sold an AKC dog you can show later on?

Consider the following when drafting contracts for show dogs

A cookie cutter agreement may work for some Florida purebred owners, but for those who own show dogs together, these boilerplate agreements are more than likely going to be woefully inadequate. In order to avoid confrontations and disputes in the future, it may be better to consider drafting contracts that fit the unique circumstances and issues that the parties bring to the table. Otherwise, what should be a mutually beneficial relationship could quickly degrade into a courtroom battle from which neither party really emerges victorious.

Horse breeding contracts: The live foal guarantee

In most business contracts in Florida and elsewhere, one party agrees to provide a product or service to another in exchange for payment or some other consideration. This usually does not create much of an issue since fulfilling the terms of the contract is often guaranteed. When it comes to horse breeding contracts, that guarantee may not be as easy to rely on for the parties.

Do you have problems registering your purebred dogs with the AKC?

Not everyone who purchases an animal here in Florida or elsewhere cares whether it can be registered with the American Kennel Club. However, if you intend to show or breed the purebred dogs you wish to purchase, you need to know whether they meet the AKC's standards for the breed. Often this means giving the breeder from whom you purchased them a certain level of trust.

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