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Danger Zone: Why lawmakers are considering new speed limits

They don't call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing. On average, Miami alone sees roughly 248 sunny days each year, with a relative high of around 90 in July, explains bestplaces.net. Our state's climate and good weather encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature, doing everything from biking to walking.

Maserati and Lamborghini issue recalls after fire risk identified

If you travel anywhere in Miami Beach, chances are you've seen a luxury sportscar flying down the freeway or driving around town. While most people associate a high-end price tag with wealth, there's no denying that a higher cost can also mean something else: higher quality.

Police searching for hit-and-run driver that killed pedestrian

A 39-year-old man was killed on Thursday night in Miami and the police are searching for the driver that fatally struck the man and then fled the scene. The 39-year-old was a pedestrian, and though few details have been provided, the police are asking for the community's help in identifying the negligent and reckless hit-and-run driver. All that is known is that the hit-and-run individual was driving a black Nissan Sentra that has extensive damage to the right side of the vehicle.

Victims Say Apple Too Slow to Implement 'Driver Mode'

Last year regulators and safety experts established guidelines calling on phone makers to install a "driver mode" in smartphones. The "driver mode" would disable specific functions -- texting and social media, for example -- while drivers are behind the wheel.

Crashes due to drowsy drivers can't be called accidents

The way we talk about collisions on the road is misleading. We discussed this in a post back in June. The position we offered then is that, in most cases, what we call accidents are really disasters caused by someone's negligence or reckless behavior. As such, seeking compensation for victims and holding someone accountable isn't merely justified. It's demanded.

Is buying a new car with a defective air bag a safe bet?

Mention the name Takata to anyone in Illinois and you'll likely get one of two reactions. The first will be the quizzical look of someone who doesn't have a clue about what you're talking about. They must have been living in a bunker under the streets of Springfield. The other will probably be the shake of the head and a tsk tsk.

When you're in a car accident, take it one step at a time

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, any central Illinois resident would be rattled. Even if the wreck is minor in nature, the very fact that you were involved in a crash can be a scary and traumatizing moment. As a result, it is understandable for people to not know what to do in the moments that immediately follow a collision between two vehicles.

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