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Child custody does not have to be a battle during divorce

Dissolving a marriage can certainly be tricky for financial reasons. However, one of the hardest parts of going through divorce has nothing to do with money; rather, it has everything to do with the children. Here are a couple of tips for dealing with the potentially thorny child custody issues during a divorce proceeding in Florida.

Protecting assets is possible during divorce

Aside from the welfare of one's children, protecting one's money is an important area of focus during the process of dissolving a marriage. In fact, money is one area that spouses can tackle prior to filing for divorce. Here are a couple of tips for protecting one's monetary assets when pursuing divorce in Florida.

Adult children can be affected by their parents' divorce as well

A growing number of spouses in Florida and elsewhere are deciding to get divorced later in life, a phenomenon known as gray divorce. However, just because the children are typically adults by this stage in the divorcing spouses' lives does not mean they are not impacted by their parents' divorce process. Important steps may help older parents to navigate divorce in a manner that minimizes the adverse impacts on their grown children.

Divorce may be unavoidable even following marital counseling

When a couple's marriage is on the rocks in Florida, marital therapy may be a viable solution. Marriage therapists strive to help their clients to develop a better understanding of one another's needs. If the two spouses still cannot get along, however, divorce may be inevitable.

Genetics may impact one's chances of getting a divorce

According to new research, a person's chances of getting divorced in Florida and elsewhere may be based on more than just nurture -- or their home environments while growing up. Instead, the likelihood of divorce may also be based on nature -- or genetics. In fact, the research indicated that nature may have even more of a bearing on one's chances of divorce than nurture does.

Counseling may help those contemplating divorce

During the dissolution of a marriage in Florida, one spouse typically blames the other spouse for the breakup of the marriage. However, in reality, both partners may have contributed to the marital problems leading to the breakup. Sometimes, going through counseling to deal with personal issues may help a couple to get their marriage back on track and avoid divorce.

Prenuptial agreements may make divorce easier

Going through the dissolution of a marriage in Florida is often a challenging ordeal both emotionally and financially. For this reason, it only makes sense to try to protect oneself from the negative impacts of a divorce proceeding. This is possible by putting together a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle.

Wife's promotion may take toll on marriage, lead to divorce

Couples in Florida get divorced for a variety of reasons, ranging from infidelity to simply growing apart. However, in some cases, divorce happens because the wife in a marriage suddenly becomes more successful from a professional standpoint. This is the conclusion reached through a recent study on the role that females' professional success may play in marital breakups.

Understanding marital estate in full is essential during divorce

Going through a marital breakup in Florida is one of the most challenging experiences an individual can have. After all, divorce essentially involves untangling two lives that are both financially and emotionally intertwined. However, a couple of tips may help with navigating this type of family law proceeding in Florida more effectively.

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