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Car accident claims woman's life

A woman sadly lost her life in a recent car wreck in Florida, thus leaving her community in mourning. The woman ended up dying four days after the car accident as a result of the severe injuries she suffered in the collision. The accident took place less than one mile from the woman's home.

Pedestrian accident in Florida claims life of visiting woman

For some people, walking is something they enjoy. It is a chance to be out in the fresh, Florida air, a time to get away from the computer and an opportunity to take in some gentle exercise. If one has errands to complete within a close proximity, walking may be preferred over driving. Unfortunately, walking near traffic also leaves people vulnerable, especially if one is unfamiliar with the traffic in Miami. A pedestrian accident can have catastrophic results.

Rear-end collision involving commercial truck ends in 1 death

Distractions, impairment and speed are just some of the factors that lead to collisions on Florida's highways. It is largely up to law enforcement officials to figure out which factors led to a certain crash. This is the task before investigators after a recent rear-end collision that ultimately involved four vehicles and killed one man.

3 teens injured in car accident while on the way to a party

Police in Florida are in the process of investigating a single-vehicle crash that left three teenagers injured. The car accident occurred in the Pembroke Pines area on Sunday, Oct. 29. According to the driver's parent, the teens were on their way to a party when the crash occurred.

3 suffer severe injuries in wrong-way crash

Every Florida driver knows that the double yellow lines create an invisible barrier between the two directions of travel. Unfortunately, without a physical barrier, the potential for a vehicle to stray into the oncoming lane of traffic remains. When this happens, people often suffer severe injuries in the resulting crashes.

Police chase ends in deadly car accident

Few Florida residents can argue with the fact that police have a job to do. It is up to them to investigate suspicious activity not only to determine whether a crime is being committed, but also to protect the safety of the public they serve. However, some may wonder whether they go too far in this endeavor. For instance, a recent pursuit ended in a deadly car accident.

Danger Zone: Why lawmakers are considering new speed limits

They don't call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing. On average, Miami alone sees roughly 248 sunny days each year, with a relative high of around 90 in July, explains bestplaces.net. Our state's climate and good weather encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature, doing everything from biking to walking.

Proving negligence in Florida car accident claims

Florida motorists typically take their responsibilities to their passengers and others on the roadways seriously. However, some drivers fail to meet the expectations of the law and everyone else with whom they share the roads. If you were unfortunate enough to encounter one of these drivers and suffered injuries in a car accident, you may be wondering whether any personal injury claim you file in its aftermath will be successful.

Is Tesla liable for the most recent self-driving car accident?

The tragic death of a 40-year-old Ohio man who was killed when his self-driving Tesla car slammed into a truck on a Florida highway wasn't just news for residents here in Florida. This story grabbed national attention as it was "believed to be the first deadly crash in which an American driver was relying on self-driving technology to steer, accelerate and brake the vehicle," explained a USA Today article.

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