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A year later, charges filed in connection to major car accident

Each year, millions of people are effected by serious and catastrophic accidents. And even in instances where lives are spared, Illinois auto accident victims and their families can have an incredibly difficult time recovering from physical and emotional injuries. Even though their current medical condition is not stated, two sisters may be relieved to learn that the man accused of causing their near-fatal collision is facing criminal charges.

Illinois speed limit increase concerns state police

Cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, tractor-trailers and farm equipment all share the roads and highways throughout rural Illinois. This wide range of vehicle types poses unique risks for accidents. Driving conditions, speed, weather and any driver impairments or distractions also have direct affects on the number and severity of motor vehicle accidents in the state. From single-car accidents to fender benders to deadly multi-car pile-ups, accidents take place everyday.

Suspected DUI driver causes 1 death, 4 injuries on local road

Car and truck accidents can always be dangerous and rural Illinois roads are susceptible to a variety of traffic from tractors to farm trucks to cars and more—including bicycles as many local Amish residents use bicycles as a means of transportation. It is important for all motorists to be aware of other vehicles, tractors, bikes and pedestrians on the roads at all times.

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