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AKC Registration Issues

& Disputes

The AKC May Not Have Your Best Interests In Mind, But We Do

Those who own, breed and handle purebred show animals in Miami Beach or elsewhere in Florida or the world count on the American Kennel Club (AKC) to maintain an accurate registry and ensure that the animals listed within this registry are in fact purebred. Discovering an animal was falsely registered and not what it was said to be can mean a major losS in investment and a contentious legal dispute between all involved parties.

Despite the AKC's size and reputation, the organization does not step in when disputes arise between owners, breeders and handlers of show animals. Its main concern is keeping track of breeding records and maintaining the breed standard, not protecting your rights and disputing the terms of an animal contract. That's where the skill and experience of Cofiño Trial Law comes into play.

Common Issues Concerning AKC Registration

In addition to being a representative to the AKC, attorney Pedro A. Cofiño is a board member and past president of the Greater Miami Dog Club, and has been active in the show world since 1998. Mr. Cofiño understands what could be at stake if a show animal dispute is not resolved.

There are few lawyers in the world like him who have the level of experience and talents necessary to resolve legal disputes that include:

  • Co-owner disputes

  • DNA complaints associated with breeding issues

  • Forging signatures to register a show animal

  • Forging signatures to show an animal

  • Forging verbal contracts or written agreements

  • Falsifying an animal's pedigree to get AKC registration

  • Misrepresenting the nature of a show animal

Put A 36-Year Veteran Litigator In Your Corner

Rest assured, if the AKC won't fight to protect your rights as a breeder, owner or handler, Cofiño Trial Law will. We are not afraid to take aggressive actions to defend your rights. If we can settle your case outside of court, we will take every effort to make sure your time is not wasted. If we cannot resolve the matter through mediation, we are prepared to take your dispute before a judge and advocate on your behalf.

If you would like to put an experienced litigator in your corner, contact Cofiño Trial Law today to schedule a consultation. Call 305-531-8111 or send us an email to set up an appointment. 

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Let Cofiño Trial Law Fight For You


Don't trust your legal matter to just anyone. Put it in the hands of an attorney who has the experience, passion and drive to see it come to a successful resolution. Contact Cofiño Trial Law by calling our office in Miami Beach at 305-531-8111 or send us a message online.

Initial consultations are free of cost. Personal injury cases are contingency based, meaning if you do not win, you owe no attorney fees. Hablamos español.

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