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Animal Law

Experienced Legal Help with Animal Ownership Disputes

Do you raise and show purebred dogs or horses? Are you interested in purchasing an animal for showing competitions? Have you been asked to sign a contract before breeding your animal but do not know the implications?

Animal ownership relationships and breeding contracts can be complicated and can lead to legal disputes if the terms of your agreement are not committed to writing. Too many times, animal owners fail to execute partnership agreements and end up spending thousands of dollars in court defending their rights to breeding income and winnings. If you own an interest in a valuable animal, consult a knowledgeable and experienced animal law attorney.

Helping You Avoid and Resolve Animal Ownership Disputes Across the Country

At Cofiño Trial Law, we understand the unique legal implications of animal ownership rights and responsibilities. Your animal is not just a pet — it is a valuable asset. You may have spent more than $100,000 creating a champion show dog, and much more than that for a grand champion. Showing horses or other types of animals can be even more expensive.

As with any asset, it is important to protect your legal rights from the time of purchase until your animal is retired. For example, your ownership rights can be compromised during a divorce if you do not have a written contract. Whether you have horses, cattle, dogs, cats or own another type of valuable animal, we will guide you through the complex issues that animal owners face in Florida.

Skype Services Available To Out-Of-State Or Out-Of-Country Clients

Whether a negligent security incident happens while you were visiting from another state or another country, getting back to Florida for your deposition may be a challenge. At Cofiño Trial Law, we make it easy for you to present your claim to a judge by providing Skype services to our clients. We will take down your deposition and litigate on your behalf if you are unable to make it into court.

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